Bezos: The Beginning

Bezos: The Beginning

Nick executive produced and acted in the biopic movie about Jeff Bezos, which is the first movie ever made about the wealthiest man in the universe and founder of Amazon.

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Beware of Mr. Baker

In 2012, Nick was a co-executive producer of the award-winning documentary, Beware of Mr. Baker.

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“A fantastically entertaining biography of the originator of the drum solo.” Kyle Smith, NY Post
  • 7.6/10
  • 98%
  • “I started handling Nick's entertainment career after he appeared on the 1st episode of "Shark Tank". The first episode always forbodes a new show's success - and Nick knocked it out of the park - one of the reasons the show is so successful today.

    I knew that Nick's success with Shark Tank would translate to other shows - and it did. His episodes in Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “Below Deck”, HGTV’s “House Hunters” and AMC’s “The Pitch” performed incredibly well compared to other episodes aired at the time."

    Alan Moore

    Casting Agent, APA Agency

  • "When we had the opportunity to work with Nick on the development of a TV series sizzle, he was fantastic on camera and off. On camera, he was great because he's authentic and loaded with character. Off camera, Nick was extremely helpful in collaborating with my team in developing the remaining cast and concept. The show attracted tremendous attention from the networks and we couldn't have done it without Nick!"

    Guy Nickerson

    CEO of Spectrum Productions

  • "Nick's episode of Millionaire Matchmaker was at the time the highest rated episode in the show's history. We featured him on the Season 3 Premier and he was instrumental in the show's longterm success. I also worked with Nick on a TV Pilot for the CW , which was met with strong approval from the network executives. After I became VP at Spike TV, I've always kept Nick in mind for other television projects because of his personality and his story."

    Justin Lacob

    Vice President of Original Series, Spike TV

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